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Whether you’re just starting your mobile bar, or are in full operation, these are a few of our favorite equipment items that we think all mobile bars should consider adding to their inventory!

Ice Stamp

These are an amazing way to add a touch of class to any event. Beit with your own logo or even the name of the Bride and Groom. Quick, easy and great for photography. They are made from an alloy which conducts energy away from the ice cube and imprints your design. Use on large clear ice cubes for best effect.

Get yours here

Heat Stamp

These are a fantastic way to get your brand on pretty much any piece of garnish you can think of. Perfect for a citrus twist on top of an Old Fashioned. A great way to stand out on your Social media feeds.

Get yours here

Bubble Blaster

One of our favourite gadgets although a little tricky in an outdoor environment. This allows you to create smoke and aroma filled bubbles which can be placed on top of a drink. Best to use martini or coupet glasses for maximum effect.

Get yours here

Bar Knife

We have tried many different blades out at work from standard Global to Japanese chef knives. Through all of our trials we have ended choosing one of the most affordable knives on the market. Serrated and with colour coded plastic handles means you comply with all health regs. They are also affordable enough that if one breaks or goes missing then it is not the end of the world.

Get yours here

Citrus Press

Without doubt one of the best gadgets to buy. Great for producing drinks to order (fresh juice is best in our opinion), nothing fresher than having a great piece of citrus squeezed in front of you.

Get yours here

Portable Bars

Although the aesthetics of the bar and its environment is important, the ergonomics of the bar is paramount to great revenue and of course happy customers. We have worked on many portable bars over the years from simple Shell bar designs to mor complex options. By far and the best however are the Bars from the people at Portabar. Their design is so versatile and easy to configure to pretty much any design configuration. We have four of their 3 bay bars meaning we have over 8 metres of serving area available to us. Super quick to put up and contained in flight boxes for easy transportation as well as insulated ice wells and speed rails.

Get yours here

Drip Mats

We love these large A3 rubber drip mats. We use them for both making drinks on and in the clearing areas. Handy for catching all sorts of drips and spills.

We also love the smaller size which are great for your jiggers.

Get yours here

Tin on Tin Shakers

We stopped using glass Boston glasses due to the high number of breakages and swapped onto this combination of 28 and 18oz tins. This then allows you to do great double shakes (with practice). They come in a variety of different finishes but Stainless steel lasts the best.

Get yours here