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If you’re like most mobile bar owners just starting out, you’re trying to wrap your head around social media, and how best to use it to promote your business. Not only is social media a challenge to get down because there are so MANY platforms, but because they’re continuously changing ever so slightly. Whether you’re looking to learn, or stay on top of the trends, these are my favorite podcasts to do so:

1. Marketing School

My favorite part about this one is that each episode is like 15 minutes. It’s the perfect length for me to listen to while picking up my girls from school or another sliver in my day where I wouldn’t have time for a longer episode. Their advice is always well explained, and even if their particular topic doesn’t really pertain to me right now, it helps me understand the greater social media machine as a whole.

2. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

This podcast is by the founder of Social Media Examiner (which has a newsletter I highly recommend). With hundreds of episodes already recorded, there’s guaranteed to be something in there you need to hear. Lots of interviews with people who are already succeeding in social media, and lots of tips, both big and small, that can help you take your game to the next level.

3. The Science of Social Media

This podcast is created by Buffer, and like everything else they do, it’s pure gold. This once-a-week podcast is an easy but necessary read. You I recommend hitting up episode 85 to get you started.

4. Marketing Over Coffee

If you’re looking to “talk geeky” about social media and all the metrics that go into it, this is a great podcast for you. The hosts, John and Chris, are engaging and knowledgeable. A great addition to your podcast line up!