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I’m going to drop SO MUCH GOLD on you right now! Even if you know a little about Instagram, you may not know all of these things. There’s something here for everyone.

1. There are three types of posts that are proven to get the most engagement

  1. Inspirational Posts (posts that make people feel good)
  2. Humorous Posts (posts that make people feel good)
  3. Practical Posts (posts that make people feel smarter, more informed, more productive, etc)  

2. Great posts focus on accomplishing three things:

  1. Adding value to the lives of the reader (why does this post matter to them)
  2. Story Forward (what does this post have to do with you)
  3. Play the long game by building engagement (what do you want them to do with this post? Reach out? Stick around for more? Comment? Hit up your webpage? What’s the call to action?)

3. Great feeds build a cohesiveness to color and filter

Some great examples of insta feeds who totally get this are @coastal_cocktails @snakeoilcocktails and @trailerandtap

4. Once you post something, do not edit it

At least not right away. I don’t know why, but if you edit a post shortly after posting the algorithm punishes you for it and it’s much harder to drum up engagement. For all you grammar/spelling nerds, be sure to proof read your posts before posting because you’re not going to be able to tolerate knowing it’s wrong, but editing will drastically impact the engagement of your post.

5. A little before you post, and a little after you post, engage with other profiles

Engagement with other profiles for a period of time before and after your post will help boost the distribution of your post and it’ll go a little further than if you just post and log off. My theory is that Instagram wants to highlight content that will contribute to overall engagement on their site.

6. Try sticking hashtags in the body of the post and not in the comments

Again, I’m not sure exactly why this works but I’ve seen better engagement with posts by putting the hashtags in the post versus the comments section. Play around and see which way you find improves your metrics.

7.Tag people

Tagging other profiles in your picture increases engagement and is looked on by the Instagram algorithm Gods favorably.

8. Add your location

Adding locations, especially if they’re popular ones, allows Instagram to curate the “explore” section for people in the area around where your photo was taken.

9. Use #Allthetools

Again, Instagram is going to promote the people that are using the tools and features they provide, this includes stories, Instagram TV, stickers, Live Video ,@mentions in stories, etc.

The commonly recommended piece of advice that I ignore (because I’m a rebel)

Posting at peak times. I don’t really know what this means, because when I look at our hourly chart on Instagram, Hours noon to midnight are all the same in relation to engagment. Apparently my followers are just on all the time? My golden rule of thumb is to try and post when I think people are scrolling through their phone: either at lunch time, or after their nightly commute.

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