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Personalized Coaching and Strategic Support

You didn’t decide to start a mobile bar company because you are a pro at marketing and bookkeeping and sales and business strategy.

You decided to start a mobile bar company because you are passionate, creative, driven, capable, and you love serving people! You enjoy seeing that look of delight on people’s faces when you hand them a delicious cocktail or they step up to your gorgeous bar.

The realities of being a business owner, and being directly responsible for ALL *clap* THE *clap* THINGS *clap* is, quite simply, overwhelming. There are so many hats to wear, and even when you’re nailing that one thing, you feel like you’re failing at the others.

You want this to work.

You need this to work!

I know because I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

I’ve worked with dozens of other mobile bar owners where you are right now. And each and every one of us has come through the other side with a successful, profitable, thriving mobile bar company.

When you work with me you’re no longer alone. I’m here for you with 1:1 personalized support, not one-size-fits-all recommendations. We’ll work with your specific set of circumstances, your goals in mind, and your genius.

That’s right, your genius.

Because no two mobile bar owners are the same. They don’t have the same skills, the same experience, the same strengths, the same weaknesses, the same knowledge, the same goals.

We’ll work together to get specific as to what your genius is, and then create a success plan to get you and your business thriving from a space of optimizing your genius while achieving levels of success you didn’t know possible.

Why Coaching Works

Coaching allows you to see the blocks in your business from an outside perspective. Coaching provides accountability, support, and exclusive access to customized strategic direction that you can’t get otherwise.

Coaching creates a container that works on YOU as a business owner, thereby creating life-long and sustainable changes to your business. We’re not just implementing SOPs, we’re breaking down self-limiting beliefs, changing narratives, and expanding your expectations for the world, and your business.

When choosing a coach, don’t just look for someone that coaches on the topic you need assistance with. Choose a coach that is a mirror for what you want to achieve. Someone who has accomplished a level of success that excites you. Someone who resonates with you on a level that says “this person has something to teach me.” If you’re unsure whether or not I fit that bill for you, schedule a Discovery Call!


Why Work With Me

With over 15 years in the food and beverage industry, a Masters Degree in Hospitality Management from Cornell University, and over 4 years of experience owning my own successful mobile bar business, I have the education, experience, and passion to support you in achieving your goals.

Before I was supporting entrepreneurs I was a highly-paid Leadership Development professional. I created training programs and taught managers how to successfully lead teams and achieve success.

The very same skill-set that enabled me to teach leaders how to lead enables me to teach entrepreneurs how to thrive. Couple that with my niche-specific experience in the mobile bar owners, I’ve created a thriving community of mobile bar owners from around the world, created nearly 100 educational resources, and worked 1:1 with dozens of mobile bars in assisting them to achieve their own levels of success.

My coaching program focuses on providing support, accountability, education, and inspiration with the goal always being to create a profitable and scalable business that is bigger than the owner is capable of achieving themselves.

Together we will create a company where you are the CEO, not just the “owner/operator.”

We affirm a solid foundation in the six pillars of business success: Marketing, Sales, Operations, Profitability, Client Experience, and Mindset.

Who I Work Best With

I work best with mobile bar owners who aren’t looking to just create a side-hustle to keep them busy or make a little extra money. I enjoy working with mobile bar owners who want to own their market. They want to create an empire. They have big, lofty, and achievable goals, but they need clarity and strategic direction on how to get there. They are driven and determined, but open-minded as to how to achieve the levels of success they seek. They’re creative, engaged and they do the work. They see value in investing in themselves as they know the pay-off is always ten-fold what they invest.

Common Topics for Coaching

  • Marketing audit. Review of website, branding, social media channels, marketing collateral, outreach strategies, client messaging, etc.
  • Creation of an effective marketing strategy.
  • Building business efficiencies by documenting systems and creating processes that allow for improved organization and scalability
  • Strategies and resources for growth and expansion
  • Business launch strategies
  • Sales process optimization
  • Strategies for creating “social proof” in your business
  • Setting boundaries in your business and creating a better work-life balance
  • Package and pricing creation/review.

How You Can Work With Me

Voxer coaching is a quick and easy way to get 1:1 support for your business. You get access to me 1:1 for an entire day on and off using Voxer ( a free walkie-talkie voice/text message app) and I get to help you in a big impactful way.

One strategy session includes a preliminary review of your answers to our detailed questionnaire followed by a 60-minute zoom coaching session with Sarah.

An ongoing mentoring and coaching container that includes intensive support, guidance, customized strategies, 12 weekly calls, and voxer support between sessions.