March 1st – Introduction to Craft Cocktails and Mixology w/ Myles Cunliffe

Introduction to Craft Cocktails and Mixology Course

This 3 hour, virtual course has been designed to bring the Craft Cocktail novice to a level where they are confident in working with craft cocktails. We will introduce you to the basics of producing good quality drinks efficiently and with style.

The course will cover the main craft cocktail making techniques, building, muddling, shaking and straining as well as learning how to make some of the most iconic and popular cocktails of all time – giving you the techniques you need to feel confident behind the bar.

We will send out a shopping list of all the ingredients and equipment needed to join this session. Plus, you will receive an eBook with your course content.

Course Requirements

This course is designed as an entry-level qualification and as such is suitable for complete beginners, up to those who have limited experience in a bar environment or have bar experience but no cocktail experience and wish to gain an insight into the world of Cocktails and Mixology.

Learning Outcomes

Students attending this are expected to leave having gained the following skills, competencies, and knowledge:

  • Knowledge of Basic Spirits & Liqueurs
  • Understanding the basics of free pouring and round building
  • Comfortably use standard cocktail equipment
  • Know the recipes for the top essential cocktails
  • Understand the importance of working clean
  • Able to produce various drinks to a high standard
  • Certificate of Attendance on completion